Nancy was born in Chicago, Illinois and raised in Highland Park, IL. She attended Southern Illinois University and graduated in 1980 with a B.S. in Graphic Design and a minor in Fine Arts. During the 80's she lived in Chicago and was a Graphic Designer for print and Audio Visual production. In 1989 Nancy relocated to South Florida when she focused on raising her two daughters and continued in Graphic Design.

During the later part of the 90s Nancy started pursuing her life long desire to become a painter, which lead her to Florida Atlantic University.  In 2006 Nancy received her Masters in Fine Arts. Although she has a love of many different medias, her major focus is oil painting. 

Nancy is an Artist Educator for Strathmore Paper where she travels to schools and different venues to educate students/artists about these products. Nancy also teaches studio painting West Palm Beach.

954 . 309 . 1339